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Pediatric Dentistry

Service Pediatric DentistryChoosing a compassionate and caring doctor with a pediatric background can be a quite challenge. In the La Canada Flintridge area, our experienced staff has knowledge and experience in the prevention and treatment of dental disease in children. At Flintridge Dental Studio, we value the importance of a friendly, positive and caring environment to ensure your child’s dental visits are a success.

Child’s First Visit: At Flintridge Dental Studio, we suggest parents begin by discussing with their child the positive aspects of having healthy teeth. We encourage parents to schedule a friendly visit to the office and spend time talking at home about a dental visit in a positive manner.

Child’s Complete Check-Up: The doctor will discuss with the parent their child’s oral and dietary practices. Then, the doctor will examine the child’s teeth and gums for decay and other dental issues. If needed, the child’s teeth are cleaned. Also, the doctor will check their teeth for problems related to finger or thumb sucking.

Preventive Dental Treatments: At Flintridge Dental Studio, we believe preventive care is essential for the overall health of your child. Tooth decay can cause problems concerning your child’s health. The doctor will take the time to instruct parents on the proper technique of brushing and flossing their child’s teeth. We strongly recommend regular cleanings, exams and fluoride treatments. Early prevention is essential for your child’s overall health and their developing teeth.

Restorations: Their primary teeth are an important part of their development including learning to eat and speak. At some point, your child may need to have a cavity repaired or a tooth crowned. We will work to ensure this is a stress-free experience for you and your child.

Emergency Dentistry: Emergencies happen! Children are active and like to run and play. Unfortunately, they sometimes fall and hurt themselves. Two of the most common dental emergencies in children are toothaches and knocked out teeth. Toothaches are usually due to decay or damage to the tooth and rarely occur without reason. When a tooth is completely out of your child’s mouth, it requires immediate attention.

Spacers: A child’s baby teeth are vital and have some significant responsibilities. The purpose of baby teeth is to hold the space for the adult teeth. When a tooth is lost too early, a space maintainer can be placed to hold that spot open for the permanent tooth.

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