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Service SealantsRegular dental checkups, along with daily brushing and flossing, are important measures to take when it comes to maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Unfortunately, there are hard to reach places in the back of your mouth where brushing alone is not enough to prevent bacteria buildup and decay. At Flintridge Dental Studio, we recommend dental sealants as another method of protecting your teeth against decay.

Sealants protect the grooves and depressions found on the surface of your molars from plaque and tartar that brushing alone cannot reach. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings of resin that adhere to the tooth’s chewing surface. The coating is painted on permanent molars. The doctor will seal the tooth by applying the sealant to the grooves of your teeth making the surface smooth. The coating seals the grooves on the tooth’s surface and acts as a barrier against decay. The application takes a few minutes to complete and can last for several years.

Adults, and especially children, can benefit from dental sealants to protect against tooth decay. A child’s first molars appear by age six, with their second set coming in around 12 years of age. Applying dental sealants on their permanent teeth can help keep them from decay. The probability of children developing cavities on their molars makes them a perfect candidate for sealants. Adults without fillings or tooth decay may also benefit from dental sealants.

Want some added protection for you or your child? Call Flintridge Dental Studio at (818) 814-9732 and make an appointment and ask us about sealants.