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Service DenturesIf you have teeth missing from the bottom or top of your jaw, the doctor at Flintridge Dental Studio will suggest you consider Denture Stabilization or Fixed Dentures to replace your missing teeth. Today’s dentures mimic the appearance of your natural teeth and provide you with a beautiful and comfortable smile.

The staff at Flintridge Dental Studio has expertise with a dental treatment called Denture Stabilization. This method eliminates problems related to complete tooth loss and wearing partial or removable dentures. Denture Stabilization, or implant-supported dentures, is a form of over denture that is attached to and supported by dental implants. Denture stabilization allows a person to increase their chewing and biting capacity, which improves their nutritional and overall health.

Denture stabilization is a procedure where an implant is surgically placed into the sockets of your jawbone. It makes it possible for patients to replace their teeth without the use of an adhesive.

Fixed dentures, unlike removable or partial dentures, can only be removed in a dental office. Fixed dentures serve the same purpose as the roots of your natural teeth by attaching the replacement teeth to your jawbone. Fixed dentures lie under the gum line and are not noticeable in the mouth. The number of implants depends on the volume and density of the bone in your jaw. Most patients require as few as four implants or as many as six for their new teeth to function like natural and healthy teeth.

If you have missing teeth, maybe it’s time to consider dentures. Call our Flintridge Dental Studio office at (818) 814-9732 for a consultation with the doctor to decide which treatment would get you to smile again.