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Composite Bonding

Service BondingBonding is a quick, effective method for repairing minor imperfections, leaving you with a smile you’ll want to show off!

Composite bonding is a tooth-colored resin that is applied directly onto your teeth. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that can improve color, decay, chipping, gaps and the shape of your teeth. Our experienced cosmetic dentist will perfectly match the resin to the rest of your teeth to ensure your bonding looks natural.

Composite bonding is a very simple treatment. Unlike veneers, which usually take several visits to complete, bonding is done in a single visit and is less expensive. The process is straightforward. A composite material is applied to the tooth. Then the doctor shapes and forms the material to appear natural and correct your dental issue. Once the composite is applied, a special curing light is used to harden the material. Finally, the tooth is polished to perfection, and restored to improve your smile. Anesthetics are not required unless the bonding is needed to fill a decayed section of your tooth.

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