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Fluoride Applications

Service FlourideFluoride is valuable for good oral health because it fights and reduces tooth decay. If used correctly, fluoride can substantially increase protection against decay.

If you develop cavities quite frequently, a professional fluoride application is highly recommended. The fluoride used in our office is a stronger concentration than found in over-the-counter toothpaste or fluoride products available in most stores. A professional fluoride treatment takes only a few minutes to apply. It can be a gel, solution, foam or varnish that is applied with a cotton swab or painted on with a brush or it can be a solution placed on a tray and held in the mouth for several minutes, allowing your teeth to absorb the solution.

At Flintridge Dental Studio, we recommend children receive regular fluoride applications to help prevent tooth decay and increase the protection against bacteria. Fluoride treatments are also recommended for patients who have spots on their teeth, which is usually an indication of mineral deficiency. A fluoride application can help introduce minerals back into the tooth and cause the spots to disappear. Also, patients who are preparing to undergo any orthodontic treatment should consider having a fluoride application before any work is done.

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