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Have you ever wondered how our teeth remain its stability throughout our lifespan? Want to know the secret? It is because of the help of a mineral named “fluoride.” It is mostly found in water, as well as in the foods we eat because it is a natural component that we can see in our body. This natural form of an element was ranked thirteenth place as the most common element that can be found beneath the earth.


Why Fluoride is Important:

We need fluoride as part of our daily intake because this will be our teeth’s shield against cavities. Toothpaste is one of the products that contain fluoride which lowers the risk to consumers of having tooth decay. The most effective amount of fluoride toothpaste that should be consumed is 1350-1500 ppm fluoride.

How much Fluoride is Needed?

Let’s us know how much fluoride is indeed recommended humans to us for our daily intake. Our intake does vary depending on our gender and as well as our body weight. To infants and young children aging six months to 8 years old, the daily dosage required should be from 0.5 mg- 1.1 mg. For boys and girls aging 9-13 years old, the daily intake required is 2.0 mg. When they reach their adolescence stage, that is from 14- 18 years old, the required amount of intake should be 3.0 mg. Upon reaching adulthood, men aging from 19-70 years old, should increase their daily amount of fluoride intake to 4.0 mg. And for adult women, the amount of fluoride intake is still the same as it is in their adolescence stage.

Effects of too much Fluoride

Too much of anything is not good. In fact, when we do things in excess, we can expect something in return. This is also the same with too much intake of fluoride. Instead of considering its benefits, when taken too much, this will also bring harm to our body.

Here are some of the health ailments you can have if you take too much fluoride:

  1. Fluorosis

This condition is characterized when an infant who has developing teeth is consuming too much fluoride. It will lead to failure of the development of his tooth enamel to form its shape properly. Children under 0 to 8 years old are more prone to acquire this ailment because, in this ages, permanent teeth are developing under their gums.

  1. Kidney Problem

When inorganic fluoride is consumed, it will pass through the cells of our kidneys, so our kidneys are exposed to a high volume of fluoride, then our kidneys will be more prone to be intoxicated of its content.

  1. Stomachaches

When hydrogen fluoride in our body reaches its maximum level, it can damage our stomach.

It can erupt the mucosal lining of the stomach, can cause duodenal ulcers and long-term inflammation of the stomach lining.

  1. I.Q Deficiency

Iodine is a substance in charge of the function of our thyroid glands. If we consume excessive fluoride, it will lead to iodine deficiency. And if not treated as soon as possible, it can lead to permanent brain damage and mental retardation.

When we consume fluoride in right amounts, it can surely be an effective agent to protect us from tooth decay. To accurately know about how to attain good oral care, visit your nearest Dental Studio at La Cañada Flintridge, and they are all willing to provide you the information that you need to achieve healthier teeth and a perfect smile.

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