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Sickness does not merely spring due to a weak immune system, one potential cause of the illness is tooth decay – this is especially true to children. The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation confirmed this idea. Millions of kids in America suffers from untreated cavities. While the issue is known to deteriorate dental health, their overall health is affected too!

The role of a dentist is to provide adequate dental services to patients, both young and adult. However, not everyone receives the type of care their mouth, teeth, and gums deserve. Children tend to get anxious by the thought of seeing a dental professional. Although it is a typical reaction for the little ones, parents should not tolerate this act. Visiting the dentist twice a year is essential to maintain the healthy smiles of children.


The Importance Of Pediatric Dentistry Services

Pediatric dentistry is a special branch that focuses on delivering sufficient dental care to young patients. Dentists who cater to this type of service devotes additional 2-3 years of their lives studying and furthering their skills to handle children effectively. Here at Flintridge Dental Studio, our dentist underwent the same training. We always make sure that kids will feel comfortable and at ease inside our dental office. It is indeed normal for them to fear the different dental procedures, but our practice worked hard to provide children with a caring and positive environment to make their experience a pleasant one.

Our pediatric dentistry services include complete check-ups, preventive treatments, restorations, emergency dentistry, and spacers. These are all necessary for your kid’s oral health. As for check-ups, the dental professional will assess the child’s mouth, teeth, and gums. The process allows the early detection of possible oral problems like decay. Once complications are spotted, the dentist will then create a treatment plan to mend the issue before it gets worst. Preventive procedures, as its name implies, is a proactive approach to maintain the healthy state of your child’s teeth. It includes the application of fluoride to protect the pearly whites against cavities.

As you already know the benefits of pediatric dental care, it is now the time to encourage your kids to comply with their dental appointments. Here are the tips:

  • Tell your kids about the importance of routine dental visits.
  • Take pictures of the child-friendly dental office and show it to your children.
  • Be physically present during their schedules at the clinic.


Flintridge Dental Studio is always ready to take action involving you and your child’s oral health. If you want your kids to experience secure and more child-friendly Pediatric Dentistry services in Flintridge, CA, visit us and book your appointment at 4542 Rinetti Lane, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011.