Crowns & Bridges in Flintridge, CA: History and Benefits

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Teeth restorations play an essential role in preserving the remaining healthy teeth as well as the bone and facial structures. Preserving the teeth is better than opting for an extraction immediately since it has its consequences.

Before, barbers were the ones who take care of the hair and dental health of many people. Their solution for any dental complication is to directly extract the teeth and hope for the best. Thanks to the ever-evolving dental technology, procedures are now available that can cater to each patient’s need without resorting to extraction.

We at Flintridge Dental Studio help our patients in preserving their dental health by restoring missing or damaged teeth. It is made possible by offering Crowns and Bridges as restorative dental treatments for the care and maintenance of dental health and wellness!

Crowns and Bridges


Brief History of Crowns and Bridges

  • Etruscans (Ancient Italian civilization) were the first ones to utilize crowns and bridges making the idea of the restorative treatments present way back thousands of years ago.
  • For dental crowns, they use gold, ivory, animal bones, and even human teeth! By the 19th century, porcelain dentures were invented leading the way for porcelain crowns to be also invented.
  • Dental bridges were not used to replace missing teeth but as an indication of status. Women would have their teeth removed to make way for bridges which would show off their wealth and status.
  • In Southeast Asia Luzon an island in the Philippines, skeletons were discovered to have golden caps and tooth replacements. It was discovered that it was popular among the rulers since it signifies status, wealth, and power.
  • Europeans during the 1400’s were experimenting with dental procedures. Dentures were made by using bones and ivory but by 1700’s human teeth are the most popular option due to its appearance and function.


Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

  • By using porcelain, the teeth restoration would appear just like the other healthy teeth structures without appearing out of place.
  • Not only does it restore the tooth’s appearance, but it also improves the overall function for it to be used like natural teeth during eating, smiling, and talking.
  • Crowns and bridges can be used as dental prostheses to be attached to a dental implant to replace single or multiple missing teeth.
  • Restores the clarity of the patient’s speech also their confidence since they do not have to worry about gaps in their mouths.
  • With proper dental hygiene and care, crowns and bridges can last for many years in serving as a tooth replacement or protector to prevent any changes in the appearance or further damage.


Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about Crowns and Bridges in Flintridge, CA, or to schedule your appointment with Flintridge Dental Studio.